Active LearningDo you want to become a better facilitator? Inspire others to grow? Take part in one of our active learning sessions to improve your skills and pay it forward.


EyeOpenerWorks’ active learning interventions focus on:

  • enhancing facilitator skills
  • designing attractive and participatory training courses
  • developing easy-to-use and effective curricula

All EyeOpenerWorks active learning interventions are designed and developed to be participatory and engaging. Our approach is built upon learning by doing and appreciative inquiry. Instead of telling people what to do, we engage them through active participation in exercises, games, simulations and real-life experiments. By asking questions we tap into existing wisdom and build upon what is already there. EyeOpenerWorks pays significant attention to reflecting on its training exercises, allowing participants to share the lessons learned and apply their insights to real-life situations.


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