Mercy Corps – MSC&PV GHG Program Karamoja

Mercy Corps 1

case description

EyeOpenerWorks facilitated a Most Significant Change and Participatory Video evaluation of the USAID funded Growth, Health and Governance (GHG) program of Mercy Corps in Karamoja, Uganda. The GHG program focused on three strategic objectives 1) livelihoods strengthened, 2) nutrition among children under two improved, and 3) governance and local capacity for conflict mitigation improved.

EyeOpenerWorks trained 15 staff members  in MSC&PV, they independently collected 107 Stories of Change in Karamoja that were edited into 6 PV clips. These films were, among others, screened during a learning event with stakeholders. In addition, EyeOpenerWorks produced one film summarizing the impact of the GHG program making use of footage of participants and its own footage.

GHG program impact video

Mercy Corps 3 - thumb video

MSC video by Mercy Corps staff

Mercy Corps 2

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