Coaching Fundamentals in Vietnam


case description

With our associates in Vietnam, EyeOpenerWorks successfully facilitated several open and tailor-made Coaching Fundamentals courses in Vietnam, in particular for managers, teachers and NGO workers. Coaching Fundamentals is a course for everyone interested in the limitations and possibilities of human behaviour with regard to change and growth. In a pragmatic, 2-5-day programs we explore the nature of behavioural patterns of individuals and groups and ways to create meaningful breakthroughs in a desired direction.

As a result of a Coaching Fundamentals course participants developed an in-depth understanding of what hinders and triggers behavioural change, including practical methodologies and tools for inspiring that. They improved their capacity to create meaning collaboration for impact driven groups and organisations. They enhanced their capacity to develop a culture for creativity and self. Last but not least they developed better ways to connect content and underlying drivers of behavioural change.

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