Social Business IncubationAre you passionate to create social impact? Keen on developing your business and the people that are part of it? Team up with us and make it happen.


EyeOpenerWorks supports and develops organizations that create social impact. Over the past years we have been involved in a number of social start-ups, social business incubators, and facilitated several business development trainings, often based on the Business Model Canvas.

Our incubation methodology is characterized by a practical and hands on approach. EyeOpenerWorks challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to experiment, and to get out of the building once they have designed their first business idea. We encourage start-ups not to fall in love with business plans and theories, but test their plans in practice as quickly as possible.

The services we offer in the field of Social Business Incubation can be divided in five categories:

1. Business Skills Training
2. Financial Management and Modelling
3. Curriculum Development
4. Social and Environmental Impact Measurement
5. Coaching and Mentoring

More information about these services can be found in this product sheet, and more details specifically about our Business Model Canvas Week concept – a five day start-up training – can be found here.


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